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No, I write poetry, but I never read any.

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I don’t translate well to Spanish.

The largeness of the novel, its infinite reach, can also be its most atrocious flaw.
— Julio Cortázar, La Situación de la Novela
» Area Woman Fulfills Dream Of Becoming Writer By Getting Job At Bookstore

PHILADELPHIA—Aspiring novelist Sandy Bellman took the last step in her personal journey as a professional writer last week when she was hired at a west-side Barnes & Noble. “This has been a big year for me creatively, and getting this was the biggest step yet,” said Bellman whose hiring, according to sources close to the 27-year-old, will almost certainly be her greatest literary achievement. “After all this time, I’m finally part of the world of books.” Bellman is expected to sell her first novel, most likely Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner or James Patterson’s Judge And Jury, shortly after beginning her training shift next Monday.


How can I, that girl standing there,
My attention fix
On Roman or on Russian
Or on Spanish politics?
Yet here’s a travelled man that knows
What he talks about,
And there’s a politician
That has read and thought,
And maybe what they say is true
Of war and war’s alarms,
But O that I were young again
And held her in my arms!

W. B. Yeats

Molotov - I’m The One

His writing often annoys me, but Stephen King really knows how to tell a story. His endings suck, but who cares about endings? Endings should suck, they should give you the impression that the author didn’t really want to end the story and was somewhat upset about it, so they try to get it over with as quickly as possible, the way one would murder their own child.

Now everybody—

quoiquecesoit asked: i'm not a writer or a translator but i am someone who spends a lot of time thinking about sentences in a "professional" capacity, in particular comparatives, and also recently i've been working on conditionals (sentences of the form "if... then..."). anyway there's an "it" missing in "and [it] is thus easier to go to war..." what are you trying to do mess me up before i've finished my 1st coffee dude that's just mean

When I was a boy my father was murdered by a OCD. This here is my revenge,

Northern hemisphere people have all the cool stuff. You have snow and money and hoagies. Your pole has bears, our pole has some fucking what the fuck birds, is it even a bird I dunno.

If will was related to a social demand, as William James believed, and is thus easier to go to war than to quit smoking, one could say that Liz Norton was a woman who could quit smoking before going to war.
Roberto Bolaño, 2666

According to Tolkien, the plural is actually “milves”.

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